Esplanade One Co., Ltd.


Esplanade One Co., Ltd. is a software company born in Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles, California, USA. In order to provide our customers with high-quality services in our main business of consulting and system development, we have set "Creativity", "Technical Strength" and "Teamwork" as the three pillars of our corporate philosophy.

1. Creativity
We have developed and sold many original products. It all depends on the “Creativity” of our employees. We will grow into a company that can further extend this “Creativity”.

2. Technical Strength
In the 1990s, we focused on Java technology earlier than any other company, and have been working on the development of open systems and the development of our own original products. Currently, we are also focusing on the development of mobile applications centered on Android and iPhone. We will always challenge new technology in order to cultivate "Technical Strength" that realizes "Creativity".

3. Teamwork
System development cannot be done alone. No matter how excellent "Creativity" and "Technical Strength" are, system development requires a great support of "Teamwork".
We value "Teamwork" and will practice "impressive work" that cannot be done alone.

CEO Yukinori Koike