Sample Company

Development and sales of Andorid, iOS and Windows based apps

Communication app between restaurants and customers "Kinitta!"

Organizer app "Memotta!"

Health Management app "Health on Memotta!"

Page view analysis service “Log Me”

Log analysis tool "Witness4"

Large Development of Linux and Unix based systems

Inventory control system

Video search system for automobile parts installation

Logistics management system for automobile

Manual search system for automobile parts installation

IFRS system

Global Electronic Parts Catalog System

Application OEM matching

Win-Win service connecting OEM providers and OEM resellers

OEM matching is a matching service between OEM providers (sellers) who aim to expand sales of apps and OEM resellers (buyers) who aim to sell their own brand products with a small investment.
OEM resellers can sell apps under their own brand without a large initial investment in app development. In addition, we can also request function changes and new function additions as customized development to differentiate ourselves from other companies.
OEM Matching is a win-win service that connects OEM providers and OEM resellers.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

non-contact AI face recognition camera (Thermal camera)